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Presentation "About firm"

“QUARTEC ecology” Ltd.Co has been successfully working in the field of manufacturing and the promotion of various Ecological and Environmental resource saving equipment for more than 18 years. During this time “QUARTEC ecology” has become the official and sole distributor for the Italian company "IRAC" on sales of solvents recycler and industrial chemical cleaning/washing machines in Russia. We also, together with enterprises such as "SFERA" produce and provide various units for Industry that need equipment to purify and monitor air quality in Russia.

The firm "QUARTEC ecology" has undertaken to closely co-operate with the "Department of wildlife management" and assist in the preservation of the environment of Moscow, also assisting the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the Russian Federation and other nature protection bodies. “QUARTEC ecology” participates in important ecological seminars, exhibitions, conferences and “QUARTEC ecology” is a member of "The guild of ecologists".

The information about the firm and its activities is regularly published in newspapers and the following magazines: "Ecological bulletin of Russia", "Green world", "News", "Chemistry and a life", "Safety of work in the industry", "Paint and varnish materials and their application", "Ecology and the industry of Russia", "Machine engineer", "Technique of mechanical engineering", etc.

The main directions of activity

  • The Development and production of ecological equipment;
  • Selection and delivery of various equipment for Russian industry and import or manufacture, to meet the needs of the customer;
  • To organize and carrying out of practical seminar "Thermal destruction of industrial and bioorganic waste on the equipment ECO F2";
  • Consult industry on the organization of ecologically and help it meet (the recommendation of technologies).

    Delivery conditions

    All equipment is delivered "on a turn-key basis", provided with guarantee and service. Production is certificated.

    Firm licenses

    QUARTEC ecology has licenses:

  • The license to produce, manufacture and the operation of the Environmental protection equipment № M 97/0829/0II/Л ГКРФ on preservation of the environment.
  • The license for carrying out of ecological training, improvement of professional skill and professional retraining of personnel of environmental protection bodies, the Industry, Businessmen, Managers and the organizations on territories of the Russian Federation № M 97/0562/016/Л ГКРФ.


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